v1.1 Completed on Schedule

The 1.1 release includes the earliest incarnation of the Relief features that will continue to expand within SprueTex.

As you can probably see in the above the image, Relief rasterizes a depth and normal map from an input 3d model. This first incarnation only supports a limited set of predefined views (left, right, top, bottom, 3/4 perspective, front, back). Additional nodes will come for arbitrary positioning and setup of the viewport camera.

Relief makes it easy to use your existing 3d assets for engraving into a displacement or normal map. Use meshes of your actual fauna models to create the logos of companies to slap on the wine-bottles in your scene. Carve and polish the the battle between a mighty knight and the dragon into stone with multiple models and a few transform nodes (or in this case below, the battle of two uninterested tube-horses).

Now that that's finished the v1.2 schedule has been updated. 

Plans to support Legacy non-PBR pipelines have been dropped. It has instead been replaced with projective mask painting, texture-bombing, and texture-bombing along an SVG path. Also with that is the inclusion of a more advanced expert-level Relief node.

The schedule for v1.3 is in progress and great things are on the horizon.


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Dec 16, 2017

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