SprueTex v1.0.2 Change Log

1.0.2 sets everything in place for finishing v1.1 on schedule. 'Relief

Relief will add a special new node that allows the configuration of an entire scene that will be rendered. The primary purpose of this is for depth-only rendering to generate relief maps but it can also be used for rendering normal maps.

With Relief meshes will also become first class citizens of the graph. This opens up expanded opportunities with the texture baking nodes as many will soon be able to take texture graph inputs for the baking process rather than relying on pre-existing texture/SVG files.

What sort of things can you do with Relief, render out a battle scene to depth and use permutations to change the actors in the scene. Blend a bolt mesh into your normal maps. Build that mound of skulls displacement and normal map with ease. The options are what you can come up with to use an arbitrary 3d scene in your textures.

v1.0.2 Change Log

  •  NEW TEXTURE CHANNEL: Ambient occlusion
    • Only applies to IBL and ambient term
  • NEW TEXTURE CHANNEL: Emmissive mask
    • Areas in emissive mask will be full-bright
  • NEW TEXTURE CHANNEL: subsurface color and subsurface "depth"
    • Uses wrapped half-vector approximation
  • NEW NODE: Faux-light baker with LCSM relax option
    • Bakes a directional light into a texture
    • LCSM blur option soften the hardness of the light, but may be problematic around poorly placed UV seams
  • NEW NODE: Uber-noise, from v1.1 schedule
    • Flexible derivative based noise
  • NEW NODE: Gabor-noise, from v1.1 schedule
    • Banded convolution noise
  • NEW NODE: Octave Sum
    • Performs a gain driven lacunarity+octave sum on any input
  • BUG FIX: Baker nodes were not properly updating their previews when the model was changed
  • BUG FIX: Newly created output nodes start with an unused value, only if all available channels have been used will they return to defaulting as 'Diffuse'


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Nov 26, 2017

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